Hey I'm Kara. You remember me from your mum's office?


You spent more time in the friend zone than in the phantom zone.


Kara: Don't worry, Miss Grant. He wouldn't be safer with Supergirl.
Cat: Oh, this is getting annoying. Go.

Salad. Burger rare. Go!


Aw Leslie, you and I got through you not supporting Hilary in 2008, we can get through this.


Kara was a little girl from another planet. She lost everything. I didn't know how to do anything but accept her. You are my daughter, Alex. I wanted you to be better than me, but that never meant I didn't love you. You have always been my Supergirl.


Cat: Excuse me, Agent Mulder is it?
Hank: Monroe, Ms. Grant.

Kara risks her life to protect other people and she is a hero, and yet I do the same and I'm in trouble? That is perfect.


Eliza: I have to admit the first time she did it I was a little worried. What if we were eating radioactive turkey?
Alex: It's no worse than the microwave.

Chocolate pecan pie is the best dessert in the galaxy, and as someone who's been to twelve different planets, I mean that literally.


Kara; He was tough.
Hank: She.
Kara: Oh. Respect.

Kara: How am I supposed to really become a hero if Superman has to keep saving me?
Alex: Your story, your story is just starting. And someday you're gonna be the one saving him.

Supergirl Quotes

Barry Allen: You can't just write yourself as a hero. It doesn't work that way.
Deegan as Dark Superman: Doesn't it, though? You were struck by lightning, I was given the book by a higher power. Both random acts of chance. This is my destiny so much more than becoming The Flash was ever yours.
Barry Allen: People don't become heroes because of circumstance. They become heroes in spite of circumstance.
Oliver Queen: You're just a cheap knockoff.

Karaoke is not for the weak. It requires either great courage or a complete lack of shame, but I like it!