Must be strange to have a sibling with superpowers, huh?


Steve: What do they say? The pen is mightier than the sword.
Kara: Maybe even mightier than a cape.

It's clear, I am doing more harm than good right now. So I think it's time Supergirl lay low. There are other ways to get to the truth.

You're not the only one who's friends with a Luthor.

If the government wants to stop me from helping people, let them try.

My fellow Americans, by now you have surely heard that the heart of our great nation was attacked by someone many of you trusted with your security and your hopes. Supergirl. She attacked in retaliation to the Alien Amnesty Act, ignoring our democracy in favor of her own alien brute form of justice. The American people have welcomed these aliens, they've repaid our hospitality with violence. But we are not weak, we are Americans. We are humans. I am hereby enacting martial law for our protection. And, Supergirl, if you are watching, make no mistake, this act of horrific terrorism will not go unanswered. You are now public enemy number one.


I do see red sometimes, and it's not an ego thing or allegiance, or anything like that. I feel the weight of the world on my shoulders. And since Superman left, and Lex has been free, it feels a lot heavier. If my enemies are strengthened, if I'm weakened in the slightest, I could lose. And I just can't ... I can't lose.

Lillian Luthor: I know you're upset Lex outsmarted you. He hurt your poor little heart.
Lena Luthor: Well, at least I have a heart.
Lillian Luthor: An overrated organ. Romanticized by poets and frivolous women.

Supergirl acts on her emotions. It's selfish, ugly. I will not be her. I will be me. I will be disciplined. I will follow you and destroy her.

Red Daughter

Red Daughter: She is like a princess in a tower.
Lex Luthor: And on a reporters salary.

Lex Luthor: My father was a bad man too.
Mikhail: What did yours do?
Lex Luthor: He stayed.

Supergirl: How are you doing this?
Lex: How do you think I did it? I'm Lex Luthor.

Supergirl Quotes

Beth: You know it's true what they say, behind every great man is a strong woman.
Lena: I wouldn't know, I've never stood behind a man.

Lex Luthor: As another world leader once said, "I don't see why men shouldn't be as cruel as nature."
Lillian Luthor: Try not to quote Hitler in public, dear. It'll hurt the brand.