Kara: But who am I without you? The whole reason I became Supergirl... it was to save you.
Alex: And I'm still going to be the reason. I'm still going to be me. And you're still going to be Kara, my sister. I just won't know that you're Supergirl.

I had to.

Alex Danvers (punches Colonel Haley)
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You had me fooled, Danvers. I thought you were a soldier. But then I find this out. All the lies you must have told. You have undermined everything that we stand for, all to protect your own sister. Supergirl.

Colonel Haley

How do you think we keep this country safe? Every soldier in every war has had to things they considered awful. Now this is reality. Sometimes reality is messy. And it's ugly and uncomfortable. And you end up doing things you thought you'd never do.

Colonel Haley

Just because I don't work at the DEO anymore doesn't mean I'm going to stop being a hero. No matter what you say.

The world doesn't need a Superman when it has Supergirl.

Clark Kent

There might be a way to slow him down. We literally slow down time. Come on, that's gotta be like the fourth most crazy thing you've heard in the past three hours.

The Flash

Kara: You're a monster.
Deegan as Dark Superman: No, I'm Superman.

Barry Allen: You can't just write yourself as a hero. It doesn't work that way.
Deegan as Dark Superman: Doesn't it, though? You were struck by lightning, I was given the book by a higher power. Both random acts of chance. This is my destiny so much more than becoming The Flash was ever yours.
Barry Allen: People don't become heroes because of circumstance. They become heroes in spite of circumstance.
Oliver Queen: You're just a cheap knockoff.

President Baker: The United States does not want a war with Supergirl.
Supergirl: Then I trust you won't start one.

He's not a movement, he's a butcher.

Supergirl: If you kill him, what does that make you?
Manchester Black: The intolerant left.

Supergirl Quotes

Supergirl: But we're close. I can feel it in my gut.
Brainy: Could be a probiotic issue.

Alex: My parents always relied on me to watch over my sister, so the few times that I ever did anything for myself, it ended badly. And then Supergirl went missing and I just blew a gasket...
Maggie: Because Supergirl's your sister.
Alex: What are you talking about?
Maggie: Come on. Look, I know you. The only person you get that torn up over is Kara. Plus the glasses don't help.
Alex: I always said that too. It's kind of ridiculous.