You wanted a fight? You got it. Winner gets their name up there first.


Right now, it's showtime.


Robert: Are you threatening me?
Harvey: You are done leading this firm.

My name's going up on that wall, and you're going to make it happen.


Katrina: Brian, there is a time to push back and a time to get in line. I'm going over there at 3 pm today, and you're either with me, or you're not.
Brian: Then I'm not because this is a mistake, and you know it.

Tommy: Why the hell would Frank Gallo cooperate with you if it meant admitting to murder?
Robert: What the hell are you getting at, Tommy?
Tommy: You and this firm offered Frank Gallo money for his daughter in exchange for him fabricating testimony used to leverage me. Now I'm here to make you pay.

Katrina: I just made Senior Partner.
Brian: So, it's official?
Katrina: It's official. And as my first act: Brian Simon Altman, will you be my associate?
Brian: Katrina, I'm honored, but before I answer, are you sure the two of us working so closely together is a good idea?
Katrina: What?
Brian: I mean, we've become good friends, so it might get complicated if I officially work for you.

If you want my money, Samantha, come and take it because I'm not signing any deals with anyone.


Harvey: Alex was right.
Louis: What do you mean?
Harvey: I mean I've had about enough of Samantha's bullshit.
Louis: So you're saying I should sacrifice my honor and now let her cash in her chip?
Harvey: No, Louis. I'm saying the exact opposite.

Donna: Before you two go any further, Bratton wasn't bluffing. He just sent over a trial date; it's a week from today.
Harvey: Shit.
Donna: Exactly. So you two need to stop fighting each other because now we have to fight him.

The wheels of Justice turn slowly, Tommy. Which means even if you win, you won't be here to see it.


My job may be to push back, but it's also to have your back, and from now on I will.


Suits Season 8 Quotes

If you think I couldn't turn you into a puddle, you are wildly mistaken.


Kiss my ass.