We both know that 'do you want to grab a coffee?' is codename for shit's gone sideways.

Come tomorrow, this place is mine.


Nick: Stock manipulation is a crime.
Harvey: So is blackmail.

Donna: We have to find a way to fix this.
Alex: We may not be able to fix it.

I don't follow orders. I don't bend the knee, I win.


Louis: Well, I'll have a seat.
Harvey: Don't mind if I do.
Louis: Harvey, what are you doing here?

Harvey: I'm not backing off anything.
Louis: Your services are no longer needed.

Louis: Do as your told for a change and back off my client.
Harvey: Are you out of your mind?

Put it up top, hmm?


Louis: You are a wild stallion and I am not going to ride you hard.
Harvey: Louis, I'm really not comfortable with where this conversation is going.

Harvey: I had a nightmare last night that we made Louis managing partner.
Donna: That wasn't a nightmare and you know it.

Have you heard the news? You're just looking at the newest managing partner in the city.


Suits Season 8 Quotes

If you think I couldn't turn you into a puddle, you are wildly mistaken.


Kiss my ass.