Paula: There are things about this situation I would rather not get to Harvey.
Louis: This stays between you and me.

Mike: Is that for me?
Rachel: Since you were too busy for dinner, I thought 'Why can't dinner come to you?'
Mike: I don't understand, what do you mean come to me?
Rachel: I brought it to the clinic, Mike, but you weren't there.
Mike: I just... I must not have been back yet.
Rachel: Back from where? Was it the nursing home in Brooklyn, or was it the department of buildings? Because, Oliver, he couldn't seem to decide which.

You came to me saying that your house was divided, and whether you like hearing it or not, Harvey, nothing unites a divided house like an attack from the outside.


Harvey: Don't tell him I told you this, but Mike jumped inside the phone booth and put on his Superman outfit.
Louis: Great, so I guess there's only one thing left for you to do.
Harvey: I'd say there's only one thing left for US to do.
Louis: You want me to go with you?
Harvey: Your name's up on that wall, isn't it?

You lived a lie for years, and you're gonna tell me you can't keep a secret about one goddamned case?


Harvey: Mike, seriously. I thought you were busy with that pro-bono.
Mike: I am. Donna said you needed my help, so I gave it to you.
Harvey: Thanks, Robin.
Mike: Aww. You're welcome, Batman.

Harvey: Is that what you think we are? Struggling?
Robert: Harvey, if you need me to answer that, then you've got an even bigger problem than Bratton.

Harvey: Don't tell Louis I said he was right.
Alex: Don't worry about it. I only listen to every third thing you say anyway.

Harvey: When, exactly, do you think I'm going to stop coming to you with this stuff?
Jessica: Truth is, you don't need to talk with me about this stuff anymore. You just do it 'cause you miss me.

Louis: You're making a mistake.
Harvey: This is not a vote.

Mike: We had a deal. Now this clown is asking me to drop a client that I made a promise to.
Harvey: And if you don't, that deal we made... it's over.

Louis: I have to say, I've been wanting this for so long. Never in my wildest dreams, did I think it would come true.
Harvey: We're the only named partners now Louis, and I meant it when I said it, I want us to share things like this.

Suits Quotes

Sometimes good guys gotta do bad things to make the bad guys pay.


Oh, and I'm black in here.