Dex, you're a timebomb. You haven't processed your past at all. From your parents to Benny, to the war, and so you just seek chaos in your life.


Liz: It started out fine, then drinks, then it was all aboard the Dex train.
Grey: Yeah, I know about the Dex train.

Dex: Are you getting smart with me, Owl?
Owl No it's just dunkheads, with a d.
Dex: Like your grade if you don't zip it.

Dex: I'll be discreet.
Naomi: Nothing about you is ever discreet.

It's really cute that you think you're in charge.


There you go turning my heart into white girl problems.


Liz: The woman has zero poker face.
Grey: She's more of a craps girl.

Naomi: Tell me you're not the reason Nina lost her father.
Dex: I lost him too.
Naomi: Go back to Portland, Dex, you don't belong here.
Dex: Yeah, yeah that is crystal clear.

If someone's trying to kill you now's not the time to play hard to get Sue Lynn,


It's not always about you, Sue Lynn.


The question you need to answer is how much pain are you willing to inflict for a dollar?


Vanessa: Whiskey?
Dex: Uh, it's 11 am so yes, of course, I would.

Stumptown Quotes

Ansel: I wanted to see how much you lost.
Dex: Punk.

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Dex: Well you know what they say in Pashto, he who spreads his own goat dung is bound to step in it.
Guy: Pash-
Dex: To. Yeah, it’s what they speak in the stan.
Guy: Yeah.
Dex: Yeah anyone who actually served there would know that. Your dog tags don’t match the name on your credit card and nothing about your car keys says rental, so I’m guessing you’re not in from out of town either. I know you asked if I was from around here figuring we could go back to my place probably ‘cause there’s a woman back at yours.
Guy: Uh.
Dex: Hesitation, it’s when your body says yes before your mouth can say no, i.e., until you get your lies straight. I’m pretty sure only one of us is getting lucky tonight.