Dex: So, the acronym is SOB?
Woman: Yeah, never heard that one before.

Lady hustler. I definitely hired the right girl.


Real life's boring new guy.


Smash the patriarchy.


Hoffman: Hey, I've only got like 30 seconds.
Dex: I love our banter.

Grey: Ok, so this is not about him, is it? You're just afraid of being alone.
Dex: What? I did four tours. I think I can handle being alone.

Grey: I didn't know you had it in you.
Hoffman: Now, you do.

Dex: This is a bit of an overshot, don't you think? I mean five million, who do they think you are Oprah or something?
Judge Price: I made 31 million dollars this year.
Dex: What?

Dex: Hey, hey, I was on tv today.
Ansel: Passed out on the street again?

Judge: You all know the rest.
Audience: Reality checks don't bounce.

You can't have a relationship as long as she's in your life. No one can get as close to you as she can.


Liz: Have you done this before?
Dex: From many balconies and many heights.

Stumptown Quotes

Ansel: I wanted to see how much you lost.
Dex: Punk.

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Dex: Well you know what they say in Pashto, he who spreads his own goat dung is bound to step in it.
Guy: Pash-
Dex: To. Yeah, it’s what they speak in the stan.
Guy: Yeah.
Dex: Yeah anyone who actually served there would know that. Your dog tags don’t match the name on your credit card and nothing about your car keys says rental, so I’m guessing you’re not in from out of town either. I know you asked if I was from around here figuring we could go back to my place probably ‘cause there’s a woman back at yours.
Guy: Uh.
Dex: Hesitation, it’s when your body says yes before your mouth can say no, i.e., until you get your lies straight. I’m pretty sure only one of us is getting lucky tonight.