How long were you waiting at that diner?


Your test came back. It looks like you've been exposed to something. There's a change it's hydrochloric acid.


Jack: So you think you know better than my shrink or the department?
Maya: I think you convinced everyone you were all good by checking whatever boxes you had to to get back on duty.

Maya: You're telling them too.
Jack: You wanted to lead.
Maya: Which allows me to delegate and share responsibility, which I'm planning to do. I'm a benevolent leader. I share.

Ryan: It's a complete invasion of these people's privacy.
Pruitt: It's your neighborhood too, you really want to live across the street from a potential serial killer?
Ryan: Would he keep the yard clean?

Travis: I realized after the breakup all I really have is this job and Michael.
Vic: Michael?
Travis: Yeah I think I'm still really hung up on my dead husband.

Maya: At least I won't be transferring to 23 anymore.
Dean: You won't?
Maya: Instead I'll be going to jail for harboring a fugitive.

Dean: She ran away as soon as we dropped her off. Apparently she's a fugitive. She's being sentenced in court this morning and she escaped. She's been lying to us.
Andy: No, no she doesn't know who she is.
Dean: She came to us, remember? She knows exactly who she is. She's been playing us this entire time.

Andy: He's a little emotional about stepping down, so just be prepared.
Sullivan: Maybe you can pull the fire alarm for me then?
Andy: I don't know if you know this, but that's illegal.

Andy: Did you lose consciousness at all Shannon?
Shannon: No, I was awake for the whole thing. Wouldn't want to do that again.

Greg: Why the sudden curiosity?
Ryan: I'm not sure if we'll ever see each other again.

Travis: What did Pruitt want to see us about?
Vic: No clue, but he probably doesn't want to see man-bits. Zip up!