Montgomery: Vic, you have to go to the funeral.
Vic: No I don't.
Montgomery: Yes, you do. You can't just skip it.

At some point, not now obviously, but at some point, you and I should talk.


Vic: I was really ready to spend the rest of my life with you, Lucas Ripley.
Ripley: At least I get to spend the rest of my life with you.

This was supposed to be our beginning. I messed it all up.


Ripley: I called.
Vic: I know.
Ripley: I tried to get to the diner.
Vic: I know.

Sullivan: Hughes, he's asking for you.
Montgomery: Hey, it's time. Before it's too late.
Vic: I can't. I can't move.
Montgomery: Hold on to me. I got you. Just focus on me. You can do it.

Sullivan: I wasted so much time being angry at you.
Ripley: You don't need to apologize.

But you're like a medical superhero. There must be something you can do.


Excuse me, I'm afraid things have escalated.


You're strong and you can handle this, OK? Just like the toy car. You're tiny but strong.


Ripley: She'd at least like you better than my first two wives.
Vic: Wives? Plural!

So when did you plan on telling me? You think I don't notice you two sneaking into my houseboat in the wee hours?