Vic: Just so we’re very, very clear, those girls are your victims.
Officer: I let you do your job. You let me do mine.

Tuck: Things didn’t have to be this bad.
Ben: No, they didn’t, but there are a lot of really smart doctors working to fight this thing.
Joey: Yeah, and a lot of really ignorant people who won’t listen to them.
Ben: Yeah, that’s one of the reasons I’m angry.
Tuck: You and Mom see people die all the time. How do you deal with it?
Ben: Faith.
Tuck: That’s it. Faith?
Ben: I see people on the worst days of their lives. Their house is on fire, they had a heart attack, their child is hurt or dying. I can actually feel the weight of their despair. More often than I would like to admit, we can only do damage control. But sometimes, we’re the answer to their prayers. When that happens, we can do more than save a life. We can restore someone’s faith, and that strengthens mine. How we’re all going to get through this thing: We show up. We do our part. We make each other stronger.

Vic: Are you OK?
Dean: I don’t know how those mothers aren’t sending a grenade into that house.
Vic: I know. I know.
Jack [to Dean]: You need to calm down before you get yourself thrown in jail.
Dean [to Vic]: Why are we the ones who always got to calm down?
Vic: You know why.
Jack: I’m not saying that you can’t be upset, but you’re drawing attention.

Inara: I don’t usually do that with my son in the next room.
Jack: Yeah, we were quiet.
Inara: Also, he’s deaf.
Jack: Oh yeah.

Andy: What just happened?
Sullivan: You already forgot. I can do this all over again.
Andy: Robert, we’re having sex on the floor of your old office.
Sullivan: Yeah, I think this might be some of the best work I’ve ever done in here.
Andy: Well, didn’t your sponsor say…
Sullivan: My sponsor said that if you don’t make me want to crave drugs, then there’s no reason why we should be apart.
Andy: Well, then, I already did forget.

Tuck: Where’s mom?
Ben: The hospital. She felt it was important to keep working. You know mom. She always seems to feel things on a slight delay.
Tuck: This is wrong.
Ben: I know. I’m so sorry.
Tuck: Grandma shouldn’t be dead. This isn’t fair, and she shouldn’t have had to die like that, alone. She should be here with us.
Ben: I know.
Tuck: No, you don’t know, and why isn’t Mom here? She should be the one telling me.
Ben: You’re right, you’re right, but she’s going through her own grief process, son.
Tuck: I’m not your son.

Inara: You know, you don’t have to sleep on the couch. You work crazy hours. I’m sure you could use a good night’s sleep.
Jack: Nah, I’d feel awkward sleeping in Marsha’s bed.
Inara: You can sleep in my bed. I mean, I can sleep on the couch.
Jack: No, you work long hours too, you know.
Inara: Not like you do.
Jack: It does get cold sleeping in the living room.
Inara: My bedroom’s warm.
Jack: Yeah?

Sullivan: I had a great meeting with my sponsor this morning.
Andy: Yeah?
Sullivan: He told me to smile more.
Andy: Oh, I like your sponsor.
Sullivan: Oh, no, no. B shift.
Andy: Yeah.
Sullivan: Hey, um, should we go to that party?
Andy: Mmm-hmmm.
Sullivan: Or we could…
Andy: Robert, the rules.
Sullivan: The rules. What rules?
Andy: We’re at work.
Sullivan: No, we’re off duty.
Andy: We’re separated.
Sullivan: We’re married.

Theo: We should run into each other on purpose some time.
Vic: Uh, I’m not really dating right now. Global pandemic.
Theo: Who said I was asking you out on a date?
Vic: Right, I was…
Theo: I totally was. Now watch as I handle the rejection gracefully.

Sullivan: Just this 90-day separation from my wife, it’s wreaking me, but Dr. Shephard said it’s necessary, so…
Richard: Did she say it was necessary, or did she suggest that it might help you focus on your recovery?
Sullivan: I’m a rule follower, see, so if you tell me a rule, I follow it to the letter. Are you saying it isn’t a rule?
Richard: Robert, there are no rules in a 12-step program. The only requirement for membership is a desire to stop drinking or using. Shephard gave you a suggestion based on her experience.
Sullivan: Are you telling me that I can be with my wife?
Richard: Does your wife support your sobriety?
Sullivan: Yes.
Richard: Does being around her cause you to crave alcohol or drugs?
Sullivan: No.
Richard: You and I are here to work these steps. There are nothing in those steps about separating from the people who love you.
Sullivan: Yes.

Jack: Yeah, I’ll be late, though. I got to help Marcus with his online classes.
Travis: You mean you got to go see your girlfriend Inara.
Jack: I told you, just friends.
Vic: Oh right friends like the ones you sleep with, live with, raise a child with. That kind of friend.
Jack: Whoa, one, I sleep on the couch. Two, I’m not raising any children because I’m more like his…
Dean: Step-daddy?
Jack: Inara and I are just friends. Why is that so hard to believe?
Vic: I don’t know. Have you met you?
Andy: Jack, I believe you.
Jack: Thank you.
Andy: I believe that you believe you’re just friends.

Sullivan: I’ve just had the worst first shift.
Andy: Do you want to talk to me about it?
Sullivan: No, no, I’m good.
Andy: Come on.
Sullivan: After Montana, this was the first place that felt safe, so I thought coming back here was gonna be like coming home. I knew being a probie would be hard, but I thought hardest part was gonna be cleaning toilets or watching you in a towel. This Miller thing…
Andy: He’s overreacting.
Sullivan: No, he’s right. That’s the problem. Everything he says is right.
Andy: Look my dad always used to say, ‘What’s done is done.’ You can’t change what you did, Robert. You can only change what you do now, and you’re doing everything you can to make things right.

Station 19 Quotes

Pruitt: If you see a fire put it out, then move on to the next one. Whatever you do, don’t stick around once the fire’s out. There is no life to be lived in the ashes. Let them blow away.
Andy: Good night, daddy.
Pruitt: Good night, Andrea.
Andy: Good-bye, daddy.
Pruitt: See you later.

I can't do it again, Ryan. I can't bury another parent.