I was afraid my desire to kill you would outweigh my immediate need of your services. But look! It can definitely wait.


They may be right about what happened two hundred thousand years ago. The past is written. But the future is left for us to write and we have powerful tools, Rios. Openness, optimism, and the spirit of curiosity. All they have is secrecy and fear. And fear is the Great Destroyer, Rios.

Y'know, I remember standing the night watch as a young ensign on the bridge of the Reliant. Feeling I was the only one awake in all that emptiness, all that silence. I'd forgotten, until just now, how much I loved it.

Do you believe in Hell? Yeah, neither did I until I saw it. Now, I think about suicide every day. That's how I comfort myself.

Dr. Jurati

Jurati: You are a wonder. A technological masterpiece and work of art.
Soji: Am I person?

Seven: We could reactivate, reconnect the transceivers. Be a kind of micro-Collective of just the Borg on this cube. Coordinate their movements. Deploy them against the Romulan troops.
Elnor: That sounds amazing. Do that.
Seven: Assimilate them. Invade their minds. Suppress their identities. Enslave them. Again.
Elnor: You can release them when we win.
Seven: They won't want to be released. And I ... I might not want to release them.

Well, I'm done murdering people so... that's a good thing.

Dr. Jurati

Picard: You feel like you don't have a past anymore
Soji: Because I don't
Picard: Oh, that's not true. You have a past, you have a story just waiting to be claimed.

Data's capacity for expressing and processing emotion was limited. I suppose we had that in common.

Clancy: That's a hell of a report.
Picard: And you thought I was a desperate old man -- quixotic, paranoid, possibly senile...
Clancy: Let's just leave it at quixotic.

Raffi: The Tal Shiar had a tracker inside your girl Jurati and it looks like she killed Bruce Maddox.
ENH: Well, that's bad news.
Raffi: Uh, yeah. Unless you like giant, all-encompassing, paranoid conspiracy theories. Then it's kinda, y'know, AWESOME... in a, in a... horrible way

Raffi: Are you Chris?
EEH: Oh, lassie, I'm the Emergency Engineering Hologram. But I go by Ian.
Raffi: First of all, I'm gonna to ask you to never call me 'lassie' again.
EEH: Duly noted.

Star Trek: Picard Quotes

Raffi: Do you remember what we used to say back then?
Picard: One impossible thing at a time.

Data: Why are you stalling, Captain?
Picard: I don't want the game to end.