Data: Do you remember dying?
Picard: I think I do. Something in my head seemed to just go away like a child's sandcastle collapsing.

You don't remember your death. I can't forget it.

Narissa: Have you found them?
Narek: Yes, they're all here.
Narissa: Have you fucked any of them?
Narek: Hm, not yet.
Narissa: Killed any?
Narek: One.
Narissa: Well, I call that progress.

Soji: You choose if we live. You choose if we die. You choose. We have no choice. You organics have never given us one.
Picard: To say you have no choice is a failure of imagination.

Raffi: Say it.
Rios: Say what?
Raffi: Those three beautiful words.
Rios: You were right.
Raffi: Just one more time.
Rios: Piss off

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Rios: Go ahead. Throw it. I want to see what a photon torpedo can do at this range.
Narek: I have twelve wide-dispersion molecular solvent grenade canisters. I'm throwing ROCKS.

Say we do find a way to hold off the Romulans. We saved Soji. Now she and the golden children are free to call up the uber-synths and then VAPOR AND ASH, a galactic level biocidal event.


Fear is an incompetent teacher.

Sutra: I'm glad you see the reason behind my actions.
Soong: I do. But reason isn't everything.

Jurati: So, how do we hold off two hundred and eighteen warbirds till Starfleet gets here. If they get here. Are you not answering to build suspense?
Picard: At the present moment, Dr. Jurati, I'm trying to pilot a starship for the first time in a very long time without exploding or crashing. If that is all right with you.
Jurati: Totally. Good call. One impossible thing at a time.

It says a great deal about the mind of Commander Data that, looking at the human race with all its violence and corruption, willful ignorance, he could still see kindness, the immense curiosity, and greatness of spirit. And he wanted, more than anything else, to be part of that, to be part of the human family.

Picard: You want to die.
Data: Not exactly, sir. I want to live, however briefly, knowing that my life is finite. Mortality gives meaning to human life, Captain. Peace, love, friendship. These are precious because we know they cannot endure. A butterfly that lives forever is really not a butterfly at all.