I honestly thought I was the worst secret agent ever but I'm starting to believe I may have a gift.


Yes, they have life but no one is teaching them what it's for. To be alive is a responsibility as well as a right.

Rios: Honestly, I'm a little afraid of it. Like if I use it too much, it's gonna ... eat my soul.
Raffi: Well, luckily, you don't have a soul.

Raffi: Do you really believe this is a prophecy?
Narek: No, I believe it's history. And the fascinating thing about history is it always repeats itself.

Say we do find a way to hold off the Romulans. We saved Soji. Now she and the golden children are free to call up the uber-synths and then VAPOR AND ASH, a galactic level biocidal event.


Fear is an incompetent teacher.

Narissa: Have you found them?
Narek: Yes, they're all here.
Narissa: Have you fucked any of them?
Narek: Hm, not yet.
Narissa: Killed any?
Narek: One.
Narissa: Well, I call that progress.

Soji: You choose if we live. You choose if we die. You choose. We have no choice. You organics have never given us one.
Picard: To say you have no choice is a failure of imagination.

Raffi: Say it.
Rios: Say what?
Raffi: Those three beautiful words.
Rios: You were right.
Raffi: Just one more time.
Rios: Piss off

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Rios: Go ahead. Throw it. I want to see what a photon torpedo can do at this range.
Narek: I have twelve wide-dispersion molecular solvent grenade canisters. I'm throwing ROCKS.

Jurati: So, how do we hold off two hundred and eighteen warbirds till Starfleet gets here. If they get here. Are you not answering to build suspense?
Picard: At the present moment, Dr. Jurati, I'm trying to pilot a starship for the first time in a very long time without exploding or crashing. If that is all right with you.
Jurati: Totally. Good call. One impossible thing at a time.

Sutra: I'm glad you see the reason behind my actions.
Soong: I do. But reason isn't everything.

Star Trek: Picard Quotes

Raffi: Do you remember what we used to say back then?
Picard: One impossible thing at a time.

Data: Why are you stalling, Captain?
Picard: I don't want the game to end.