Burnham: He killed a Starfleet officer. And he tried to kill me.
Tilly: And those crimes are reprehensible. But Tyler is not the person who did that. At least, he's not anymore. He's something other. Someone new. What we do now, the way that we treat him, that is who he'll become. I know you still care about him.
Burnham: I do. But that does not mean that I should.

Burnham: I've made foolish choices. Emotional choices.
Sarek: Well, you are human. As is your mother.

There is irony here, of course. The man you fell in love with was a Klingon.... There is also grace. For what greater source of peace exists than our ability to love our enemy.


Emperor Georgiou: My daughter was a singular example of brilliance until one foolish choice doomed her world. Sound familiar?
Sarek: If I understand correctly, my ward saw through the man who brought down, not just your child, but your empire. Perhaps best not to make comparisons.

Jumping a massive starship inside a cave of impenetrable rock does seem... challenging.


Burnham: I wanted to show you a place of morality, of hope.
Emperor Georgiou: Let me tell you, daughter-who-is-not-my-daughter, in truth, you wished to save me because you couldn't save her. This regret that you have for what you did. It weakens you.
Burnham: Well, I feel it every day of my life.

Cornwell: How does this war end?
L'Rell: It doesn't. Klingons have tasted your blood. Conquer us, or we will never relent.

This is war. Not a child's game with rules.


Tyler: I'm okay.
Tilly: How can that possibly be true?

Stamets: You killed a good man. A man that I loved. Do you remember that?
Tyler: I do now.
Stamets: And does it gut you? Does it sicken you? Good. Maybe you're still human after all.

Sarek: What do you know of your counterpart, Captain Philippa Georgiou?
Emperor Georgiou: I know that she is dead and I am not. But I will leave you to determine which of us has proved stronger.

We are fodder for their feudal savagery. Our deaths, their spoils.


Star Trek: Discovery Season 1 Episode 14 Quotes

I could offer excuses. I was trying to destabilize the Terran Empire. I thought Starfleet could benefit from learning about an alternate universe. The truth is that I just couldn't watch her die again, Saru. I wanted to offer her more.


Yesterday, you dined on the entrails of his brethren and today, you seek his favor?