Dewey: It's a sickness. It's deep down inside her genes.
Chickie: Well, she's deep down inside someone else's jeans right now.

And today is graduation day. Time to push our little boot ducklings out of the warm nest of their training officers.

Watch Commander

Who wants to come in store with scary, ugly, whore?

Store owner

You'll always be a baby to us.


Sometimes you can't think about. You've just got to make that leap.


Reverend: I thought it was a gift from God.
Sammy: Well, I guess God wanted it back.

I'm a gang detective. I can't have a f*ckin find my friend app on my phone.


Sammy: Thanks for coming with me.
Officer: Can't let you face those church ladies alone. Those b*tches are mean. My Momma's one.

Lydia: So, Fernandez goes to some management training retreat and now tweedle dee and dumber are in charge of finding a killer?
Josie: Hey, my kids didn't learn to clean their room until I stopped doing it for them.

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