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I'll tell you why you're protesting, because you all think it's wrong to be pissed at a black president...


Here we were having a perfectly nice conversation about Kenny being poor and Kyle being a Jew you decided to go 9/11 and bust out the fat quip.


Man at Bar: Enjoying the show?
Randy: To be honest, I'm just here for the blowjob.

There's a blowjob reference every 10 seconds. broadway writers call it subtext.

Man at Bar

Mr. Stotch: what was the show about?
Randy: I dunno, some green chick and a goat.

I was enthralled by the dialogue.


"You know why girls wear make-up and perfume? Cause they're ugly and they stink."


When we asked Obama to stop illegal immigrants, we didn't mean to make America so shitty they wouldn't come anymore.

Border Patrol

We've heard of Mexican ice cream, but Mexican patriotism?

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