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Dorky kid in line: Are you guys official presidents too?
Cartman: Don't talk to us kid.

Aw dude! Gay!

</i> Cartman

Some thing very terrible has happened in the world of Terrance and Phillip!


Where the hell's Phillip?


Terrance: You know, we've learned something today. When you've been through a lot with someone, you can't let trite things come between you.
Phillip: That's right, Terrance. You should only let trite things come between your ass cheeks. (they both fart and laugh)

I'm warning you. You better not promise things to Earth Day people that you cannot deliver. Earth Day people can bevery unforgiving.

Earth Day person

Stan: The four of us can't help tomorrow night.
Earth Day person: (angrily) YouWhat?

I'm pleased to announce that the National Earth Day Organization has chosen South Park as its location for the Earth Day Brainwashing Festival!


TV Announcer: See Terrance and Phillip live and in person!
Stan: What's this?

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