On the eve of our nineteenth revolution, the great Mr. Wilford came out of the cold. It was the time of two engines. The Tail no longer the tail but a borderland. A time of great gamesmanship and great trainsmanship, of revolutions interrupted, and fresh track on new terrain.


Hope was our only seedling in the war of Big Alice, forty cars long, versus Snowpiercer, nine hundred and ninety-four cars strong.


Alexandra: Who are you exactly?
Layton: I'm the guy whose back door you just kicked in.

This is just the beginning, Andre. He's going to take everything we just fought for.

Miss Audrey

Seven years we've been trying to get out of this place. And now, the place is finally worth something.


She remembers you. I was half hoping she would eat you.


Melanie: Alex, you're alive.
Alex: [long pause] I am distinctly underwhelmed.
Wilford: Life's big moments are often like that.

Mr. Wilford doesn't just want control of this train. He wants control of all of you, body and soul.

Miss Audrey

Quiet down. Quiet! A forty-car parasite does not call the shots around here. Snowpiercer does!


Let me tell you something, Layton. All this personal shit? It ain't making your democracy any easier to believe in.


The train is our world now. We can control this.


If you don't embrace extinction, you're already dead.