We need a new vision. We need to step into the future. Take it to the next level on social media. Make it about unity, family. On the military front let's learn from the Americans. Let's build our own special ops teams like the ones they use to target us. Undermine their heroes and build up our own.

Michael [to the Prince]

If the Prince finds you dead, so what. He wants a lot of people dead.

Gina [to Michael]

Jackie: I want a gun.
Buddha: Guns are my other life. I never bring my other life home.

Gina: We're after the same thing.
Buddha: What is that?
Gina: Payback.

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Chase: Got any theories on my kind.
Trevor: No, man. I love brown people.

Islam is just incompatible with life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.


You better not fuck me!

Gina [to Michael]

Bear: That ain't me. That's you.
Rip: I am you.

I'm the only person in the world who can help you.

Gina [to Michael]

We will never forget you and will get the bastards who did this to you.

Buddha [in Rip's memory]

You'll feel better once you kill something. You hide that darkness, my man. It's who you are.


Jackie: What are you doing?
Buddha: Getting ready.

SIX Quotes

Are we going to do this, or we just going to talk about it?


It's Red Bull for taco heads.