With all due respect, sir, this is a suicide mission.


Buddha: Beg.
Michael: Like my brother? Never. Go ahead. Get your payback. It won't' matter. You, your family, all of you are dead already.

Dharma: So, we're having a daddy-daughter moment.
Caulder: I guess we are.

All you believe in is fear. All you know how to do is kill. America has no ideas anymore. Only bullets.


Lena, it's our job to kill people. Up close before they kill us. We have to lock that stuff away. We're afraid that if we let you in, you won't like what you see.


Lena: We're all on our own paths. That's what you always say, right?
Caulder: That's what I always say.

This guy? The Prince? He's the head of the snake. Capture or kill.


Try to negotiate with me again, and I'll have your tongue cut out.

The Prince

Lena: This is not how we get back together. Be safe out there, okay?
Bear: Of course.

Michael: What the hell happened to you?
Gina: Nine Eleven. When the towers fell, I stopped believing. Do you believe in God?
Michael: If you're going to start interrogating me, take me back inside.

If the Prince finds you dead, so what. He wants a lot of people dead.

Gina [to Michael]

Gina: The good news is you're not going to Egypt.
Michael: What's the bad news?
Gina: We're still working together.

SIX Quotes

Are we going to do this, or we just going to talk about it?


It's Red Bull for taco heads.