Buddha: I still think you made the wrong call.
Bear: You get your own team, you make your own calls.

Everyone breaks. The only thing you can do is give them as little as possible.


It took 18 years to get a dad. I don't want to lose him now.


Bear: You got something to say to me?
Buddha: I'm just wondering whose back you got? Hers our ours?
Bear: Buddha, you have to move on.
Buddha: I'm sorry, heffe, I can't do that.
Bear: Ever since Rip died, you have questioned every decision I have made for this team. It has to stop. Now.

Bear: Look, we're all pissed as we should be, but we did our jobs. You should remember that.
Trevor: Makes me wonder.
Fishbait: Wonder what?
Bear: I don't think you understood what happened.
Trevor: We got suckered, sleeper.

Give me the Prince, and I'll give you his kingdom.


Okay. Here's the alternative. I take you back. The Prince kills Hall and you're worthless. The agency sends you away. You disappear. This time for good.


Caulder: I've just realized I've never thanked you.
Dharma: For what?
Caulder: For everything.
Dharma: It's no biggie.
Caulder: Yeah, it is.

Want some advice? Bury it. Bury all of it.


Chase: Should've wasted Nasry when we had the chance. Wouldn't be out here if we had.
Fish: Not our call to make.
Chase: The obvious is always our call.

Buddha: Rip wouldn't go. Rip would put a bullet in Nasry's head and take us home to our families.
Bear: I'm not Rip. I'm not Rip.

This is what we do. We take risks and we follow orders.


SIX Quotes

Are we going to do this, or we just going to talk about it?


It's Red Bull for taco heads.