This isn't about me. This is about me asking you to make it go away. This is what you wanted. If it isn't, why hold onto the silver bullet. You must have a recording of everything Wozniak and I said here last night. That's enough to put me away for a very long time, but you didn't use it because you don't want me to go away. You want me right here in front of you, needing you.


I don't think he wants to kill her. He wants her all to himself first.


Julia: I always knew that it was going to come down to her or me.
Wozniak: She didn't make you do this!
Julia: And somehow I knew it would end up being her.
Wozniak: I would rather die than betray you. I trusted you. I loved you.
Julia: You still do. You still do. Even if you don't know why. This can stay between us. It's the best for everyone. For you, for Nate. We have all made mistakes. You know mine, I know yours, but we can all walk away from this.
Wozniak: It's tempting. It really is.
Julia: It's the best way to go, Matt.
Wozniak: It's the easy way.

You and a cryptic invitation; tough combination to resist.


Be careful not to touch any surfaces, especially if there's a picture of Harlee near by.


I know that you hate me just as much as you want me. That's why you dimed me out to Verco, so I would need you to save me.


You know what they say about gamblers? It's not the winning they're addicted to, it's the losing.


Do yourself a favor, when I crack, run.


Wozniak: Between the two of us, he's much braver than I.
Julia: Why? Why didn't you just kill me? Why?
Wozniak: I don’t know.
Julia: Yes you do.

I've survived too much already. I'm so tired of surviving. I'm so tired.


Stahl: If you thought that I was going to let you go that easily, Harlee...
Harlee: And if you thought I'd ever let you touch me, you're crazier than you seem.

If you get in the way of us finding Harlee, one of your Internal Affairs cronies is finally going to get the chance to arrest me for what I do to you.


Shades of Blue Quotes

Harlee: How much do you want to know?
Woz: How much do I need to know?

It happened so slowly I didn't realize and so quickly I never saw it coming.