Who all of a sudden canonized you, Loman?


Harlee: Stahl doesn't even feel like a man unless he's manipulating a woman. He crawls inside your head to all the places where you feel safe and he takes them, but you know that because he's done it to you.
Molly: You're right, Harlee, he's cutthroat and erratic which is exactly why I don't want back on his radar.

Listen, keep your shoulders back. You're a cop on the inside. Stop sulking and don't show any weakness.


Tufo: You've got to stop pretending like you're a victim of circumstance.
Loman, No, I was a victim of a half baked plan.
Tufo: You're a grown man. You knew what we went there to do.

We're a team. We're supposed to be looking out for one another. If that's broke then nothing else works.


You can whine, you can sulk, you can lecture, you can make all the judgements you want, it doesn't change the fact that you're a dirty cop. Ever since you killed that unarmed black man and lied about it, you became a dirty cop.


I don't know how we got here. I would give anything to go back to start.


Wozniak: Scumbags don't keep banker's hours.
Nate: My next tattoo.

Wozniak: He didn't turn into a psycho overnight.
Harlee: You learn how to hide because someone's chasing you.

I'll punch through the final bell with you, Woz, I will. But you have to realize that Stahl has you locked in a corner.


I can't choose to be a rat just like I can't choose to breathe under water. It's just not gonna happen.


If we don't stand up to him, no one else will.


Shades of Blue Quotes

Wozniak: When an angel first visits a human, you know what they say? “Be not afraid.” Why do you think they say that?
Rossi: Because when people are scared they scream and nobody likes screaming.
Wozniak: Must be an occupational hazard for you.
Rossi: It means I didn't do my job effectively.
Wozniak: Reason why angels say, be not afraid, is because they're terrifying. They're not the cute little things you see on greeting cards.
Rossi: Come on. Don't ruin Hallmark.
Wozniak: They're powerful creatures who dole out judgement and enforce the will of God.

That's the beautiful thing about pain, Harlee, it's either severe or prolonged, never both.