I wonder if we've been the bullies all along, Harlee. I wonder if somebody's about to give us what we've got coming.


Be careful who you ask for the moon, some maniac just might bring it to you.


Nate: When there's not a straight line to something you always find another way; it's the one thing I like about you.
Wozniak: I don't think I left myself a way back on this one.
Nate: So get a bulldozer. Make one.

Tufo does what he's asked and he protects the family.


Stahl: There was a moment when Wozniak was choking me to death when everything went dark. There's no white lights, there's not tunnel, there's nothing. I don't think there's anything more after this.
Harlee: Maybe there is and you're just not going there. Maybe none of us are.

Stahl: At times I've been cavalier in my approach to you, Harlee. I'm sorry that things have gotten so…
Harlee: Disgusting? Pathetic?
Stahl: Out of hand, and it was never my intention.
Harlee: Yeah, I've seen the videos. I know all about your intentions.

Stahl: Everything is risk reward, Harlee, and lately you are not worth the risk.
Harlee: Let me know when you believe that.

Stahl: I'm a man of my word.
Harlee: When it suits you.

Next time you put a gun to my head, pull the trigger.


Harlee: Let me watch your back.
Wozniak: I'll go with somebody who hasn't plunged a knife in it.

Loyalty is everything, especially now. We have to stick together.


Woz: Cristina, she's a bright light. You'd move Heaven and Earth for that girl.
Harlee: And Hell too if she asked.

Shades of Blue Quotes

Be careful who you ask for the moon, some maniac just might bring it to you.


Harlee: How much do you want to know?
Woz: How much do I need to know?