I am special, my mother was right.


Monica: Where did you get the coffee?George: Where did I get the coffee? Where do think I got the coffee, from the grocery store.Monica: How did you get there?George: I walked.Monica: How did you get out of the apartment? I didn't see you leave.George: I climbed out the window.Monica: You climbed out the window?George: Of course.Monica: Why didn't you go out the door?George: The door? Why would I go out the door? The window is right here.Monica: You are a fascinating man, George Costanza.

Monica: I need to get something.George: Monica, I'm really focused here, this stuff's a killer.Monica: George!George: Wish I could.

Elaine: Why do you keep watching?Jerry: I don't know, I'm obsessed with it. It's like a spider in the toilet struggling for survival. And even though you know he's not gonna make it you, you kinda root for him for a second.Elaine: Then you flush!Jerry: Well, it's a spider.

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