I know who. I just need to know why.


Patrick: I didn't tell that cop about mom for revenge.
Eric: No one lies to themselves quite like you do Patrick.

While you were off playing house with wife number one, we were dealing with drunk, abusive wife number two.


The only people you need to be looking at is Eric. He pushed mom down the stairs 20 years ago.


John: I didn't mean to hurt anyone.
Cornell: Yet you hurt everyone.

Amanda, this is dad's other wife. Our father is a bigamist.


You're 43 years old, you still need daddy to wipe your ass?!


My half brother drives a hundred thousand dollar car, and I live hand to mouth.


Eric: My brother's a thief who almost destroyed our company. My half-brother extorted me. My sister-in-law is a pimp,and my father, my father is a bigamist.
Danny: But your wife, she was the real deal.
Eric: Yeah, yes she was. I still don't know who killed her.

Cornell: There's still a bench warrant out for your arrest, detective.
Danny: Since you're not Georgia PD you can't arrest me, detective.

Mrs.Warner: Who are you?
Eric: I'm his son.

John: You called the police?
Eric: No, but I wish I had.

Secrets and Lies Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Do you want answers? Or the cell next to Patrick?


Danny: You think your father's extorting you?
Eric: No, that's ridiculous!