Let this be a lesson to you, dear reader. No man is an island, no genius either.


No matter how long we have to stay here, as long as we're a family, we're going to be okay.


You were all like fighting children. Neither of the plans were going to work individually. I had to save Scorpion.


Toby: I mean physically, daddy's wound up.
Happy: It was obvious the first time. I want to kick this marriage off too, but if you call yourself "daddy" again, we don't consummate, ever.

Sly: It's not up to me.
Cabe: So who do we ask, the lizard?
Sly: Don't be ridiculous. Mitchell is just an advisor.

Oh great, Hagrid wants to chime in.


Toby: This was supposed to be for our, um, frisky business.
Ralph: I have a 200 IQ. Do you really think I don't understand what you guys are talking about?
Toby: You might know what I'm talking about, but you won't understand until you're 18.

A few weeks into marriage, and we're already separating. Thank you Walter.


Have you seen the size of the jungle parrots? They are drawn to Ralph, and. I am not going to let some neon bird eat my son!


Cabe: Sly, I've been meaning to tell you something.
Sly: Yeah?
Cabe: You suck.

Sly: My inevitable scurvy thanks you.
Paige: Be positive.
Sly: I am! I'm positive we're all going to die.

Sly: We need water. It will make our march to the grave less painful.
Toby: You've become a real ray of sunshine, you know that?

Scorpion Quotes

Toby named it Ferret Bueller. I don't understand the reference.


I've loved you since I can't remember when, and I'm going to love you until I can't forget how. Will you please marry me?