Walter: I'm nervous to be alone with you.
Paige: You've been alone with me hundreds of times. What could you possibly be nervous about?
Walter: My biggest fear is being in a restaurant, droning on about genius things, and then looking up at your face and then seeing boredom. It happens after a few weeks of every relationship I've been in, and then they end, and I don't want this one to end.
Paige: Walter, we are not a few weeks into our relationship. We are three years in. I know you.

Happy: I want a baby soon. You were right. I want a family. I've always wanted a family, and I want one with you because I love you.
Toby: The woman who hates being human wants to make another human?
Happy: Yeah, something like that.

Toby you said so yourself, we will never find a lawyer that cares about Cabe as much as we do. Well, I care about Cabe. I will scour every law book and memorize every archaic regulation to protect him. I can do this.


I see solutions when others don't.


Happy: I guess I like hanging around you guys, don't know why.
Paige: Thank you.
Walter: I'm not sure that was a compliment.

Why do you want to be human anyways? Being human sucks!


Now I'm weak and emotional, and it's all because that waitress came to Scorpion. If Walter hadn't hired her, I wouldn't be feeling things right now!


Toby: You might need to run out and get us some lattes, being the intern and all.
Cabe: You ever have your butt kicked by a junior intern?
Toby: [sigh] Once.

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Patty: We have business. My office.
Toby: Her office?
Sly: I have to go. She angers easily.

Cabe: Well we can make an explosive.
Sly: That sounds dangerous.

Walter: Walter Gallo? What does that mean?
Toby: It means your psyche is having you mimic Cabe because you blame yourself for his arrest. You feel guilty he's not here, and now you're making him be here, and that fawn is going to die!
Walter: That's nonsense. I'm not channeling Cabe.
Toby: I'm sorry I couldn't hear over your sunglasses.

Toby: Walt, send this little girl to her womb.
[awkward silence]
Toby: Look, these are the jokes, folks.

Scorpion Quotes

The water doesn't lie still, but the water still lies. Add fifty and your answer will be revealed.


What kind of punch does a jellyfish like?