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Fitz: How is she? "Man of the people"? That only comes from one person.
Cyrus: She's good. She's...busy. You know.

David: If I take this to trial, you know what'll happen.
Olivia: It'll make your career.
David: I'll eviscerate her. I'll have to.
Olivia: You wear your hat, I'll wear mine.

Abby: It makes no sense. Do you buy it?
Harrison: I question she's lying about her alibi, but I have a hard time buying her as some Unabomber freak who could mix Clorox and toothpaste and blow up half an office park. No offense, Huck.
Huck: None taken.

Quinn: I went home and my apartment was surrounded, cops and FBI agents taking out all my stuff. A woman standing outside told me that a girl who lived there blew up a building and killed seven people.
Harrison: If you were innocent, you could've just called a lawyer.
Abby: You did work with a bunch of them. Also, I hear they're in the phone book.

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