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Abby: What do you think, Huck? Ready to work across the hall from the Molotov Mistress?
Huck: Olivia says we trust her, we trust her.
Abby: Company man.

Harrison: Gladiators in suits, remember? You know I've gotta make you say it.
Quinn: Gladiators in suits.

Olivia: You want to know what I'd do?
Fitz: No, I don't need you.
Olivia: Spin it. Get out of it. Don't let it seem like she boxed you into a corner on the war...there's only one leader of the armed forces and his name is Fitzgerald Grant. If you go to war, it's because you want to go to war.
Fitz: I hate you.
Olivia: I hate you, too.

Fitz: Liv?
Olivia: No, pretend I'm somebody else. Somebody you hate. Hang up.
Fitz: You hang up.

Olivia: Are you hacking?
Huck: Would you like me to explain it?
Olivia: That would ruin it for both of us.

David: Liv, you're not going to win this, and I'm not saying that to rub your face in it. I'm saying that because I've been watching you sacrifice everything for this girl. You've been walking around with the weight of the world on your shoulders, and a loss this big, this public, it could end you. I'm giving you an out here. Take it. Take the plea, Olivia.
Olivia: I'll see you in court, David.

[to Quinn] I don't have to answer to you. I have to produce for you. I don't do lost causes or tilt at windmills. I don't perform miracles or do the impossible. I make cold calculations about difficult situations and I do not take on anything I know I won't win. And i will win this. I just need you to trust me. I promise you. I will not let you die in here.


Olivia: Do I really have to do this? Explain to you who I am? What I do?
Quinn: I am on trial for my life here. And I am losing.

Abby: You okay?
Olivia: Fine. Where are we?
Abby: Look, I know with Stephen gone you haven't, uh, if you ever want to talk you know, to a person about anything, I'm a person who talks.

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