Charlie: I'm not ready.
Mack: Nobody's ready. That's the point.

Mack: I've done this before and I have an impeccable bedside manner.
Charlie: Done what?
Mack: Help people cross over. Charlie, I'm here to help you die.

Charlie, I don't know how to do this. And I don't know what to do. Because it feels like I'm giving up on you. And I am not giving up on you.


We always hope for a miracle. The right treatment, a cure, or just an end to the suffering. And sometimes, most times, all we're left with is the medicine.


Maggie: Give it to me straight, Doc.
Gavin: There's always a boy that likes you, and there's always a boy that you like. And they're never the same guy. You wouldn't know what to do with somebody who actually liked you back.

Joel: I was just about to buy the lady a drink.
Man in the bar: The lady's my girlfriend.
Joel: Well, I was just about to buy your girlfriend a drink.

Joel: Well, this is completely out of line, and I know this...Alex, I still...
Alex: Don't. Please. Just don't.

[to patient] Things'll...they'll get better. And you have to believe me when I tell you this, things will get better. You know, without that belief, you've got nothing.


Dawn: If this were any other patient, you'd see this my way.
Alex: No, I wouldn't.

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