Charlie: Kendra, I appreciate your trying to help but that whole unresolved thing is usually reserved for the dead and not the living.
Kendra: Oh yeah, 'cause you seem really alive right now. I'm guessing you haven't been in therapy before.
Charlie: Yeah, because I'm a surgeon and we tend to like to fix things and not talk about them.

Dana: I never figured you were so gallant, Joel.
Joel: I'm not. Trust me. I'm not.

Kendra: Oh, so you've done this before. Interacted with...
Charlie: Coma patients, dead people. A psychic once. He was an ass.

[to Charlie] Every day is one step closer to bringing you back to me.


The diagnosis is just the beginning. You can take good news and run with it. Or you can take bad news and turn it around. How you react is everything. Because you can move beyond the diagnosis. When you open your mind, you can surprise yourself. And things change.


Mack: [to Charlie] Don't worry. It's not your time. You're still breathing up there, you're still alive. Push past the familiar thinking. Just because the ventilator's been turned off doesn't mean you have to die.
Charlie: Then what was all this for?
Mack: You were here to help me.

Gavin: I thought we made a mistake.
Maggie: We did, but I want to be your friend.
Gavin: I can't do this.

Maggie: He loved you so much. It was so obvious. Every time you two were in a room together, he just lit up.
Alex: I think I lit up. He was my best friend. That's what I think about. From the moment I met him, he's the only person I wanted to hang out with.
Maggie: That's rare.

Charlie: It's no coincidence you're here, is it Mack?
Mack: That's what I've been saying.

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