Oh life is wasted on the living. I could make love better as a corpse than you in your prime. Give her what she wants before she even knows what she wants. And then soon enough, she'll want you.

Countess Von Marburg

Cotton: The Devil wants me to be his biographer, to recount his glorious failed rebellion against the "tyrant" God. It is a cosmic joke!
Anne: But I am grateful that he has spared you, almost as grateful as I am...that you spared me.

Mary: One thing has enacted me. When I returned my son did not seem surprised, as if...
Tituba: As if he knew you were coming?
Mary: Yes.
Tituba: You are in greater danger than we could have known. If you would survive, trust no one.
Mary: You examine the Essex Witches, leave me to make my first move.
Tituba: Which is?
Mary: Why to trust no one, of course.

Tituba: You can stop him.
Cotton: That's madness. What could I possibly do that an army cannot?
Tituba: Your love may conquer all.
Cotton: There is no one left in Salem that I love.
Tituba: Not yet. Your love still sleeps like we all once slept in our mother's womb.
Cotton: A child? My child.

Dark Lord: I could've killed you, or wiped your memory and left you a blank state. Then you wouldn't have remembered who I am: your son.
Mary: I remember you and I hate you!
Dark Lord: Hate is just a shadow of love; where there is one, the other is sure to follow. And there is nothing more powerful than the two combined.

Cotton: I want nothing! I want nothing from you.
Anne: But there is nowhere for you to go.
Cotton: Boston. I will tell them the awful truth about Salem and they will raise this town!
Anne: Tell them everything?! Then they will hang you for the murder of your father.
Cotton: So let them hang me! So long as they believe, I will tell them all.
Anne: Cotton...no!

Essex Elder: You are right. I couldn't have demanded it if you hadn't the strength, but you do. You are you again. The strongest of us all! And not a moment too soon. They are winning, the tree is dying, and with it will die you, and us, and all our world.
Mary: Well they picked the wrong witch, and the wrong woman. I shall prove to them that truly, hell hath no fury like THIS woman scorned.

Dark Lord: I have killed the elemental powers within you. I have killed the witch in you and left...nothing.
The Sentinel: Nothing but a woman. Weep woman, weep. For tears are all we have left you.

I know what you are...you're nothing! Nothing but common thieves. Liars. Traitors. Rapists. Murderers. But worse than that, you're cry-babies. Poor, proud, pitiful things. I've seen you, and the best and worst men can be, and I assure you, even the lowest of human has more heart, more soul, than you two. Take what you will; I want nothing of you or yours. Get your hands off me!


Mr. Putnam: Is it the end of the world?
Cotton: No doubt the end of someone's world.

The Sentinel: Is this the mighty Angel of Death? When did you EVER spare a life?
Dark Lord: This life is precious to me.
The Sentinel: Has that tiny meat suit corrupted you? The human body is a pitiful sack of blood, piss and water. I fear in your case, mostly piss.

Mary: I climbed over the black wall of sleep and crawled from my grave because I cannot deny the truth. You are my son and we belong together until the end.
Dark lord: How long I've waited for you to say those words. And I promise you, you shall be so happy.
Mary: Just being here, holding you, I already am.

Salem Quotes

All the world shall be yours in return; all the world.


John: Judge not, lets ye be judged.
Sibley: Who said that?
Jesus. You might have heard of him.