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Evan has been watching way too much Downton Abbey.


New money settles problems with lawyers. Old money settles problems with cocktails.


Maybe the next time you can pull over my brother for tweeting while driving and lock him up for a couple days.


Good to know things ended as passionately as they started.


Paige: You're worried about being separated from Hank while he's recovering.
Evan: You're saying I'm a HankWatch addict?
Paige: Yes.

Did she seriously try to Erin Brocovich us right now? Are we being Brocovich-ed?


I am better at starting relationships than deepening them.


Jill: So what was it like to watch your little brother get married?
Hank: It was weird. To me he's still the kid who ate $.85 in nickels on a dare.

Evan: Why don't we just put two tables together—
Paige: They're round! You can't push to two round tables together, it won't work!

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