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It doesn't look like the nothing kind of lump, it looks like the something kind of lump.


Traci: That's what single girls do, Steve. They give each other keys to their place that way if you die alone...
Steve: They can come over, get you dressed and hide you're porn. Yeah, I get it.

You're a detective so why don't you do some detective work and go find her.


You know it's real when she makes you better.


We go to a wedding. We get to dress nice, drink a barrel of Champagne and flirt with complete strangers.


Don't feel threatened. I brought my own calligraphy pen.


I don't want to wake up and realize nobody knows me.


Chloe, you're a game changer.


Holly: I used to be like that but it turns out I didn't like men.
Gail: Well, I don't think I like men either.
Holly: I mean I'm a lesbian.
Gail: Oh, I mean I hate people.

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