It doesn't make any sense expect it makes absolute sense.


How many girlfriends have you had that can walk away from a bomb unscathed?


Traci: I can't imagine being too sane after I'd watched my son blow up.
Steve: You wouldn't turn into that.

There's a cop in here too. Stranded. Trapped inside a Staff Sergeant's uniform.


I know that you want to be my night in blue polyester but I can take care of myself.


Well you were my partner so it looks bad on me if you blow up.


Happy is good. Happy should not make you nervous.


Don't thank me yet. I'm suppose to ride with Price. Eight hours of hearing her talk about her dress for this commissioners thing you might wish you were stabbed in the back.


Andy: You'll ride with him?
Nick: Yeah why not, I just won't turn my back or try anything too policey. It will be like Adventures in Babysitting.

Andy: Convenience is boring and I am not boring. I am a stallion and stallions cannot be tamed.
Sam: Stallions are boys.

I don't even like watching people move. I find it exhausting.


Normally I mean to be insensitive but I didn't actually mean it that time.


Rookie Blue Quotes

Some morning I don't even wanna get out of bed. Then again, I am kind of lazy.


Traci: You know what that means.
Sam: That your secret past is more boring than McNally.