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Rizzoli and isles
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Maura: I just think it's fun to play fantasy wedding, don't you?
Jane: If you're five.

Only a bridesmaid would wear shoes that color.


So the killer took the cake.


Don't be mean because your mattress is still on top of your car.


The rate of uniforms getting a slot in homicide is lowest among momma's boys.


Dr. Eve got shot just because she had to pee. I mean that's just wrong.


The worst part was the outfit. Pink shoes.


I think you've hidden your delusional disorders rather well, Detective.


Angela: Will someone tell me what's wrong?
Jane: She's pregnant with your first grandchild and she's drunk.

Where I wax is my business.


Dr. Pike; You're like a wild cat aren't you? Lapping up that liquid with your delicate pink tongue.

We'll get our swag unit on it.

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