Rizzoli & Isles

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Rizzoli and isles
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He disappears for three months and now I'm suppose to just drop everything to be a groupie at his book signing?


Lydia can barely tie her own shoes.


I always wanted a mother like you.


Texting for booty. Technology's killing romance.


Now you've got a conscience after you've slept with half my family?


Maura: I don't like confrontations.
Jane: That's why you're the good cop.
Maura: Oh, right and you're the beat your face in cop.

Oh, thank goodness. Frankie brought us some Mad Dog 20/20 to go with our yams.


Jane: What are you doing?
Korsak: He's opening a Radio Shack.

That is so sad that people have to get murdered.


Where is she registered? Moochers R Us.


Maura: I'm going to make you eat something green tonight.
Jane: OK, I'll get extra pickles on my burger.

What a shame to get married in a polyester blend.

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