Angela: I dropped you once.
Frankie: Is that what happened to him?

I'll guess that wasn't sugar that double tall was pouring into five pump minty's FroCap.


Maura: It is so clean in here you could eat off the tables.
Jane: Let's not.

Jane: Do you ever worry that you'll sound pretentious?
Maura: No.

Tommy: What do I do with him?
Jane: Use two hands.

It's weird the way she's so good with babies.


Maura: Instant! You served me instant?
Jane: I'm so tired you're lucky I didn't serve you Drano.

Serial killers get away with it because they appear so normal.


Jane: What if it's dad's?
Frankie: He tore up his parent card when he slept with someone younger than us.

That baby didn't have anything to do with how it got made.


Frost: Me and Frankie are holding steady with the grudge.
Jane: That's productivie.

Have you noticed the Cruella d'Ville streak in her hair?