Jane: A hot air balloon ride?
Maura: Well, it's a rather unfortunate coincidence that I found a balloon full of teeth today but this is completely different.

What's the matter with you two? You look like you lost your favorite pair of mittens.


Maura: You okay?
Jane: What, because I saw my own personal boogie man today? No.

Jane: He called me hysterical.
Frost: I'm surprised his balls aren't in his throat right now.

Why are you anxious? Is it because you put on a little weight?


Tommy's not the only Rizzoli with a beautiful mind.


You're holding me hostage. You think you have any right to ask me personal questions.


Here's a deal. I'll do sensitivity training. You never do Brando.


Axel: You're a cop. That's a turn off.
Jane: Bummer.

Maura: Males seek mates capable of nursing offspring. Abundant breasts do suggest...
Jane: You know what his abundant belly suggest? Snowball's chance in hell.

Yes Maura, I am sabotaging your knight to queen, castle thingy move.


Korsak: Junkies don't shoot dope out in the open.
Jane: They're like cockroaches. They hide.