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She's glowing. She's not drinking any coffee and we know her blood is 63% caffeine.


Jane: Did the autopsy smell follow you in here?
Maura: No, but your hormones did.

You're like a brother to me, with really soft lips.


Can't a man upgrade his look without a woman being involved?


Maura: Caffeine bad.
Jane: Death worse.

So bigger boobs and no sex. It's a guys worst nightmare.


You may not know this but that one, when he falls he falls hard. So you can't mess with his heart, OK.


Can you just tell me, are you planning on seeing my brother naked?


Don't think negative thoughts. Your body will experience something that isn't even happening.


I was a hockey player. It only hurts when it's a compound fracture.


Maura: Thanks for holding my hands today.
Frankie: Any time.

Tommy: She's hot and smart and has got a great ass but Frankie she's like our sister.
Frankie: She didn't feel like my sister when I had my hands on her.

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