Are you neural retraining or Kent retraining?


And there it is. The condescending detective tone.

Postal Inspector

Vince: Guess we're rooting for this one not to be a suicide.
Jane: Wishing for murder. That's a first.

ZombieCon was the first place I felt normal. People weren't starting at me. I was finally going to talk to her.


Maura: Another slip.
Kent: No, no. You just misspoke.
Maura: Or I'm losing it.

Jared: That guy? Really?
Jane: What about him?
Jared: That's the cop who came to my house.

Who doesn't know their wallet was stolen?


I don't need everyone to know as long as I know you're sure about us.


I am a homicide detective. I don't understand the appeal of pretending to be dead.


Vince: Maybe he's really a zombie.
Jane: Then we have no case, because you can't kill someone who's already dead.

Jane: You told me you were feeling better, that you don't have any more symptoms.
Maura: Yeah, but that could change at any moment and there's nothing I can do about it and I don't excel at doing nothing.

Nina: This stool taken?
Frankie: Why? You wanna throw it at me?