Angela: Why do you need to know everything?
Jane: Why do you have a secret chicken friend?

Angela: It's rude to take other people's food without asking.
Jane: It's not rude when the other people are your mother.

Angela: I want you to be happy, Jane.
Jane: I want you to be happy too, Ma.

A tidy home. Not what I expected from a deranged psychopath.


He must have figured out it's a lot easier to abduct a single woman so you don't have to kill the husband first.


Maura: He's probably looking for his next victim.
Jane: Or he's found her.

She knew the lobster was in her desk the whole time.


Maura: Can I take a look at your ankle?
Angela: If you have to.

They were free spirits. She always talked about moving away, living off the grid.


What are you talking about? He's a lobster.


We know one thing for sure. He didn't kill her.


Angela: Why can't you be supportive?
Jane: Why can't you take up bingo?
Angela: I'm going to do what I want to do!