Frankie: What was the falling out about?
Gang Unit Cop: I dunno. He made a grab for power, insulted someone's girlfriend or took the last stick of gum. You know, the usual crap.

I don't have time to be sick anyway. I have so much to do and a writing assignment on top of it.


VInce: Maybe we should talk about this down at the station where there are fewer distractions.
Lady: And maybe you should talk to my ASS!

Jane: Was it a drive-by?
Vince: More like gunfight at the OK Corral.

Jane: You don't have to use my mother's crazy home remedy just to be nice.
Maura: What is a lazy bone melody?

Maura: I was up late last night.
Angela: Working or dating?

Finally I realized, I can't change the past. I just gotta find a way to move forward.


You went through hell. Nobody expects you to be fine.


Vince: She worked with you. How could you not notice?
Cleaver guy: I guess cause she was downstairs with the kidnap/torture crew and I was on the roof murdering some nuns.

I'm gonna find Riley and I'm gonna have a talk with him.


You're going undercover. You're not going on vacation.


Do you mean awesome, as in, awe-inspiringly stupid?