It's still free.


Drake: Is she always like that?
Maura: Yes. In the very best way possible.

I know you and I know Jane, and you don't just shoot people for no reason.


It comes at no surprise to you that I don't know what you're talking about.


I can't believe how much I like this chair!


We all lie in our own little way, don't we?


Maura: I don't remember Frankie's apartment being this nice.
Angela: Yeah, this is a different apartment. He moved.

Tall, dark, handsome. His suit is too big for his body (because his superhero suit is on underneath it.)


That's how we tell the good guys from the bad guys. Good guys always feel it when something bad happens.


I'm sorry, do you like my shoes? They're very comfortable.

Kent Drake

I was chasing that Spike guy, he ran into a whole group of people, and then all of a sudden that other guy was pointing a gun at me.


Holliday: If Sean had a gun -
Jane: He had a gun.