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There are websites devoted to costumes for cats. It doesn't mean they're not crazy.


They seem nuts until the shit hits the fan and then we all come running to them for toilet paper.


Korsak: We have a mystery.
Jane: If only we had the mystery machine.

If this is what surviving the apocalypse looks like, I'd rather be a zombie.


Jane: Shaggy and Scooby would be so proud.
Korsak: After you, Velma.
Jane: She's Velma. I'm Daphne, obviously. Maura back me up on this.

ane: French women don't obsess over the occasional glass of wine while they're pregnant.
Maura: French women don't shave their underarms.

Maura: You know what's in here?
Jane: Yummy goodness.

Frankie: Now I can stop being nice to you for no reason.
Jane: Oh, yeah I wouldn't want you to develop any bad habits.

Don't let her use the Latin on you.

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