Spoken like a woman who has family she actually likes. Give it a chance to grow on you. We're not all weirdos here.


I hate L.A. drug dealers more than I hate Boston drug dealers.


Angela: That's why we have to ask them.
Vince: We do?

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Vince: I flew you to L.A. to find out.
Jane: Oh it wasn't for the breakfast burritos? Because so far that's all I like about this place.

Maura: We just returned from the autopsy
Dr. Hart: It was thrilling.

But I don't want to drive what BPD rented for us. It looks like a toaster had sex with a clown car.


Fine. I don't wanna go. I'll stay here and drink espresso. Naked!


Oh no. I hate flying, and I get jet lagged and L.A. is so not my style.


Maybe he's wanted for questioning somewhere, or he has a parking ticket in Topeka.


Jane: One guy asked me to wax his banister.
Maura: That's not a thing.

Frankie: I know how to make coffee.
Jane: Your last pot tasted like motor oil.

Maura: You must have lost soldiers in the field.
Kent: But I didn't have to deal with their families, didn't have to feel their pain.