I took this ride to get answers but all I got was more questions.


I may be opportunistic but I'm not a liar.


Siobhan, thanks for not being a bitch.


It takes a lot of courage to stand up to someone and not be afraid. Believe me, I know.


My sister lied to me. I wonder what else she lied about.


Andrew: Catherine, in two seconds you're on a plane to Miami,
Catherine: Fine. You're flying me first class.

I don't care if you've got a brain tumor. I want you out.


Juliet's only problem in life is suffering through with your pathetic DNA.


Bridget: I thought I was making pancakes?
Catherine: Not interested in salmonella today.

Bridget: I'm channeling Martha Stewart.
Andrew: You know I've got a thing for her, right?

The pizza's way better here than in Wyoming.


It just got normal and I kind of want it to stay that way.


Ringer Quotes

Siobhan: I was wondering how you'd look after six years.
Bridget: Not nearly as good as you.

Mistakes aren't tragedies.


Ringer Music

  Song Artist
I fall to pieces I Fall To Pieces Patsy Cline iTunes
Secret chambers Secret Chambers Revision iTunes
Purified Purified Tamar Kaprelian iTunes