People die every day trying to come to this country hoping for a better life. You have options. You can be whoever you want to be. People have died for you to have that chance.


Tony: It’s not about me killing Pote, it’s me keeping him alive.
Teresa: I don’t understand.
Tony: Those sketches are my nightmares. I draw to get them out of my head so I can sleep, so I can feel normal.

Teresa: Pote killed Tony’s father. He stole from Epifanio.
Javier: Well, those are the rules, you steal, you die.
Teresa: But that doesn’t make sense for a kid. His father will always be his hero.
Javier: That’s why he wants to be a sicario. It’s all he’s ever known. Like my family, like me.

Davis: You pretend to be this honorable man but you're a crook and a liar.
LaFayette: I’m sorry you feel that way, son, but know this, everything I’ve done, I’ve done to take care of you because you can’t take care of yourself.
Davis: That’s not true.
LaFayette: Now who’s lying, son?

Teresa: This is like you coming after me, Brenda, and Tony.
Pote: That’s right. In this life, your family is your greatest strength and your greatest weakness.

I’ll trust that you can keep Judge LaFayette’s honorable name out of your dirty little mouth.

Det. Green

Tony: You have me living with my father’s killer.
Teresa: Tony?
Tony: You’re no better than the people you say you’re protecting me from. I’m going back to Mexico and I never want to see you again.

Come back to Mexico, primo, I’ll protect you. Stop with the bullshit. Leave this shit behind. We’re family, and if Teresa wants a war, I’ll give it to her.


Rene, he was a son of a bitch but he was my blood, and I promise you, whoever did this will pay with theirs. Them and everyone they love. Amen.

Judge LaFayette

Ishmael: What happened to the no collateral damage?
Pote: Ask the mailman’s widow.

Pote: I took his father away from him. If someday he has the courage to pull the trigger, it’s okay by me. I’ve made my peace with it.
Kelly Anne: No, that’s not okay with me. You don’t get to go around making crazy decisions without even considering the people who love you.
Pote: You love me? I don’t deserve that.
Kelly Anne: Yes, you do. You are the kindest, sweetest man I’ve ever met.
Pote: I’m also a murderer.
Kelly Anne: Yeah. Well, so am I.

You’ve worked so hard to build what you have here. If you run, you’ll be starting over. I can’t let that happen to you. You’ve been so good to me, Patrona. You’ve given me a home, a family I can trust. I owe you more than you know.


Queen of the South Quotes

I checked the car for GPS trackers. It's clean, for now. There's an old saying, the fish only sees the bait, never the hook. I know you lied to me about your car overheating, Teresita. Whatever you're hiding, it better be worth it.


I want you to know that killing you is an honor for me. That's why I chose to kill you the way you killed La Mancha. That's what I call killing with class, with elegance. The end of your days, my friend.