Randall: Her men were everywhere. Couldn’t get a shot without showing our hand. You said it had to be clean.
LaFayette: Don’t quote me to cover your failure, boy. I gave you one simple task to complete and you blew it. Now, how the hell you gonna fix it?

Nacho: I don’t know who you are but do you know who you’re messing with?
Teresa: My name’s Teresa Mendoza. I’m the one who killed El Gordo and that is my cocaine you’re processing.

I didn’t think this would be such a challenge for you, Marcel, after all, you people have a history of killing each other.


Tell us where Elias is or they will make you talk the Sinaloa way.


Pote: That was the coroner’s office. Tony’s remains are ready for pick up. He was a good boy. Our relationship was complicated but I loved him like he was my own, and I failed him.
Teresa: We both did.

We’re going to kill them all.


Marcel: I haven’t known Teresa for a long time but I know she’s a fighter. She’ll get through this.
Pote: Thank you.

Javier: What are you doing here, Boaz? Are you here to take over Teresa’s business?
Boaz: No. I’m Teresa’s soldier and I’m at peace with it. She is the queen and a badass.

Marcel: I met a guy at your bar today. He left a bad taste in my mouth.
Pote: Let me guess, he was wearing a big, black cowboy hat and running his mouth.

If you lie to me once it’s your fault, primo, but nobody lies to me twice.

Boaz [to Javier]

I always thought that one day I would take a bullet for her. I never thought that I would take her place.


Pote: I don’t know who to trust anymore, Dumas, Boaz, Javier?
Kelly Anne: Trust Teresa. She has good judgment. She works with those men for a reason.
Pote: Even Boaz?
Kelly Anne: Even Boaz brings something to the table or Teresa would have nothing to do with him.

Queen of the South Quotes

Revenge is like any drug, it can please you or it can rule you. Obsession will kill logic when you need it most.


I want you to know that killing you is an honor for me. That's why I chose to kill you the way you killed La Mancha. That's what I call killing with class, with elegance. The end of your days, my friend.