Javier’s not running, he’s a cartel soldier. He knows he disobeyed the boss' orders and lied to her to boot. Look, he’s good with whatever you decide.


There’s only one way to be safe in this business, to become powerful enough that no one can touch you.


Oksana: Kostya is a very cautious man. It is rare that he meets somebody face to face. He does not trust people outside his circle.
Teresa: I understand that.
Oksana: I do not think you do, Teresa. If Kostya pays you a surprise visit, he’s the last person you will ever see.

Mendoza’s smart enough to cover her ass and we have no idea what she’s got on us. Let’s not poke the bear until we have to, and when we do, we’ll keep our hands clean. Marcel will get the job done; she won’t see it coming.


Davis: You’re the only person she wanted to talk to. She tried to call you just before Randall pulled her from the truck.
Javier: It was Randall who killed her?
Davis: He does all the dirty work.

How hard can it be to kill one little, Mexican woman?


Teresa: Taking a shipment is one thing. Killing Tony and trying to kill me is completely different.
Pote: Then who else could it have been?

Randall: Her men were everywhere. Couldn’t get a shot without showing our hand. You said it had to be clean.
LaFayette: Don’t quote me to cover your failure, boy. I gave you one simple task to complete and you blew it. Now, how the hell you gonna fix it?

I’m sorry, Boss. She hasn’t spoken and out of respect for you and the way you run your business, I haven’t used all my tools.


I didn’t think this would be such a challenge for you, Marcel, after all, you people have a history of killing each other.


Tell us where Elias is or they will make you talk the Sinaloa way.


Nacho: I don’t know who you are but do you know who you’re messing with?
Teresa: My name’s Teresa Mendoza. I’m the one who killed El Gordo and that is my cocaine you’re processing.

Queen of the South Quotes

I checked the car for GPS trackers. It's clean, for now. There's an old saying, the fish only sees the bait, never the hook. I know you lied to me about your car overheating, Teresita. Whatever you're hiding, it better be worth it.


I want you to know that killing you is an honor for me. That's why I chose to kill you the way you killed La Mancha. That's what I call killing with class, with elegance. The end of your days, my friend.