Camila: You were wrong about your father but you were right about me. I let me ambition, this need, drag me away from the most important thing, you. I just hope that when I get out of here we can start over.
Isabela: I'd like that.

Something happens to Teresa I will hunt you down.


Alonzo: Whatever you did, you must have really pissed Camila off.
Teresa: I just wanted out.

Teresa: You still think I'm going to end up in a body bag?
Alonzo: No, but if you don't come with me, we both know who you become.

Every time I run, people die. That won't change if I go with you. The only way to stop it is to fight.


Alonzo: I'm going to let you go because you saved my life, but you need to know I'll be coming for you.
Teresa: Get in line.