I don’t kneel to witches. Adios, punta. I’ll see you in Hell.


Your death’s going to be dark General, pitch black if I have anything to say about it.

King George

What Devon did to you at the winery was terrible. I’m in this business to stop people like him from deciding how I live, or if I live.


Teresa: We made a deal, you broke it when you sold me to Camila Vargas.
Pecas: You would have done the same thing.
Teresa: No I wouldn’t.

Camila: You have no loyalty to her?
King George: I’m a pirate, Madam, not a saint.

Cortez: You playing the long game, Your Highness? Tossing us scraps while you protect that bitch that feeds you?
King George: Now is this some kind of psychopathic courtship, cause I’m digging it. I like a man in uniform.

Everybody has their price. I guess yours is Phoenix.

Sheriff Mayo

You’re my only friend. I mean, I don’t have anybody else. I don’t want to lose you too.

Kelly Anne

You made a deal with the devil, Teresita. This is the price we pay.


Pecas: Mayo, you motherless snake. You set me up.
Mayo: What can I say, she pays better. I never liked you much anyway. Ain’t nobody going to trust a red-headed Mexican.

Teresa: Good luck in next week’s election.
Carson: Who needs luck when you have good friends.

Little T: Holy shit, it looks like you guys went to hell and back.
Teresa: We did.

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Queen of the South Quotes

Remember, in revenge as well as love, a woman is more barbaric than any man. We're the same. Never forget that.


I want you to know that killing you is an honor for me. That's why I chose to kill you the way you killed La Mancha. That's what I call killing with class, with elegance. The end of your days, my friend.