Camila: Thank you for saving my daughter.
James: I've stayed by your side. I've stayed loyal, but you're back with your family now. You don't need me anymore.
Camila: Where would you go?
James: I've got the $27 million from Devon. I'll deliver it back to you, but I want a cut. I'd say a third is fair.
Camila: Nine million is a good beginning. I have one more question for you. How did you know I was with Epifanio?
James: Boaz told me.
Camila: Did he offer you a deal?
James: He wanted me to kill you.
Camila: Then bye my loyal friend. If you ever need anything you know where to find me.

There can only be one queen.


Teresa: Devon, I'm in trouble. I need your help to get the coke.
Devon: The product has been delivered in full. James arranged it. Trust me when I tell you contacting me again will be an extremely poor decision on your part.

Is that what went down in La Paz? I'm glad I missed it.


Epifanio: This means that your name will be cleared and that you no longer have to be afraid. Camila, I am done with this business. Stay with us in Culiacán, mi amor. Be a mother to Isabela. Be my wife. Let's be a family before the world tries to tear us apart again. What do you say?
Camila: Okay.

Dallas is mine. The only deal that goes on here is with you in the grave.


Epifanio: I'm sorry. I'm as scared as you are.
Camila: We did this to her, you know. This life. We brought this on ourselves.

Epifanio gave me his whole empire. It's mine. However I have a nagging feeling Camila's not going to like the arrangement, but you take out Camila all of Dallas is yours. You've got to start looking out for yourself.


You should give him the ten million, let the money sparkle in front of his eyes. Then you, James, take Epifanio's soldiers, rescue our daughter and show that Jimenez kid what real pain is.


Pote: What are you doing? She's dying.
Little girl: El Santo has his own path to life.

If I give her that money, she's going to have a foothold in this business, and we both know how that ends.


Enough of this shit. If I have to save you from yourself to save our family, so be it.


Queen of the South Quotes

Remember, in revenge as well as love, a woman is more barbaric than any man. We're the same. Never forget that.


Nothing wrong with beauty when there's brains beneath it.