You? You really know your stuff.


If man is made in God's image, how do you explain other beings, if they exist? I can't explain why God would show me the things I see.


Quinn: What are we looking at here?
Hynek: The site of the abduction.

We are not going to trivialize that young man's death with talk of flying fucking saucers!


What if I told you we weren't alone in the universe?


You've seen how far the government will go to keep their secrets.


How are you going to cover that up now that the whole world can see?


You can't expose the truth using a lie. That would be worse than Harding.


You? You're missing a lot, General.


Mortician: I don't trust the Air Force.
Hynek: Neither do we. We don't work for them. We work for you, the people.and that's why we're here -- to find out what really happened here at Roswell six years ago.

Hynek: What was going on in there?
Mortician: From what I could see? It looked like an alien autopsy.

The name of the game is to control the narrative.


Project Blue Book Quotes

Our nation is suffering from a form of mass hysteria right now. One we can't afford. Not with Russia breathing down our necks in a nuclear arms race on the brink of disaster.


We don't even know what we're dealing with here. Let Hollywood be the distraction.

General Harding