I gave you plenty of warning. It's not my fault she never reached out to you, that you have been chasing someone who doesn't want to be found. It's cruel, I know. 


Gil: Am I imagining things or did you just speak ballet?
Malcolm: If you must know my mother made me take ballet class. For five years. I showed great promise.

Malcolm: Why? If that's the truth, why deny Sophie's existence? Why the gaslighting? The chloroform?
Martin: Trust me, Malcolm. I'm being a good father here. I'm protecting you by stopping you. Now you go and do the same thing for Eve. If you love her, stop her.

Malcolm: Wait, JT, Juan Tarmel
JT: Nooooo, but thanks for playing.

This isn't your search anymore. It's mine.


Gil: Hey, Fiona, be good.
Fiona: It's hard to be good when you're so much better than everyone else. 

Ballerina: Dancers live by a code. Pirouettes,  cigarettes, easy sex.
Both Ballerinas: No regrets. 

Gil: Is there really a delivery truck out there?
Malcolm: It's New York. There's always a delivery truck.

Eve: I doubt you can do any more damage than you've already done.
Martin: I have to warn you, Eve. I can always do more damage. 

If you're the surgeon, that means your smart. I can be of value to you alive. 


I've raided drug dealers' houses and turned up less incriminating evidence.


Martin: Malcolm, wait! You don't understand. You need to leave this alone.
Malcolm: I'm done. When you're ready to tell the truth, I'll be back.
Martin: No, you're not listening to me. Malcolm!

Prodigal Son Quotes

 No one is born broken. Someone breaks us.


Malcolm, Malcolm, listen to me. I want you to remember something, OK? You're my son, and I love you. I will always love you because we're the same.