Both my kids are in such a good place. I've never felt prouder.


Jessica: Why haven't you been seeing your therapist?
Malcolm: Good morning, mother. Nice ambush.

Please, I don't meddle, I mother.


It's Gil. Ask him about mom. Does he let you wear his Turtlenecks?


Malcolm: Abadon the Destroyer?  Angel of the abyss from Revelations? So now we know our killer's name. 
Gil: Who is it?
Malcolm: Oh, you know, the Devil.

Norman: I knew it was you. You're a demon.
Malcolm: No, Norman, I'm not a demon. 
Norman: I could smell it on you the moment you walked in. You're like me. That's why you came here. 
Malcolm: What do you mean I'm like you?Norman: You are a killer, too. I did it. I killed him.

Martin: Or maybe that's not it. Maybe there's another reason you're full of so much pain.
Malcolm: What are you talking about?
Martin: Getting away with murder, walking the streets, knowing the truth. It's intoxicating. Tell me your imagination isn't stoked knowing what it takes, what you are now capable of. People think we're crazy, no one in their right mind would be a killer. The thing is they don't know the truth. Murder is the ultimate thrill, or maybe you're all torn up inside because getting away with murder didn't feel bad at all. Nope. It felt good.

JT: This is gonna fall in me.
Malcolm: You didn't do anything wrong.
JT: It doesn't matter.
Dani: No, we're going to tell them what happened, and we will back you up.
JT: They're going to say I assaulted him. I'm done.

Hands up. I'm not a threat. 


Martin: What's wrong? 
Malcolm: I covered up a murder. Violated everything I believe in. I stop killers, I don't help them.
Martin: Ainsley killed a powerful man with powerful friends. She wouldn't have survived that night without you. She's not like us. 
Malcolm: Said the serial killer.
Martin: Said the father. Will you do something for me? Come closer to the line.
Malcolm: What are you- 
Martin: Thank you. Thank you for saving my little girl. You realize that. That's what you did. You saved your sister. Don't torture yourself for that.

Tom: Maybe you're a killer like him.
Malcolm: That's the third time this week. I must be giving off murdery vibes. Is it my hair? 

Gil: You're right. I made a mistake. I let my feelings for her cloud my judgment, but that's on me. Jessica is a good person.
Dani: She has a history.
Gil: So, we all have history, and Dani I- 
Dani: Look all I'm saying is be careful. 
Gil: You sound like my Jackie. She thought the Whitlys were cursed. I don't know. Maybe she was right.

Prodigal Son Quotes

Ainsley: When you're upset, you keep busy.. you're distracting yourself.
Jessica: Oh, that's absurd. What on earth am I distracting myself from? 
Ainsley: Gil, I checked your phone. Seven missed calls from him? 
Jessica: I can't believe you.
Ainsley: Okay. I shouldn't have snooped, but something is clearly going on, and we're just not going to talk about it? 
Jessica: We're W.A.S.P.S. It's what we do!

 No one is born broken. Someone breaks us.